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 MM Plating Supplies Online.


MM Plating Supplies

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We supply a range of motors, gearboxes and drive gears to the plating industry. These vary in size, speed and torque, dependant upon the size of barrel weight to be driven.


Please give us your specification and we will advise on the most suitable drive mechanism for your needs.


Amir Motor Plate and Shaft


Bosch 12 volt Motor MM0193
Amir Motor 1/8 h.p. 42 r.p.m. MM0131
Amir motor shaft MM0132
Amir Motor plate MM0133
Parvalux - small MM0134
Parvalux - large MM0135


Gears Steel


Steel Gears Steel Gears Steel Gears


Standard Tank Motor Gear 20 Teeth 5/8th" Bore MM0100
Standard Outer Drive Gear 24 Teeth 1.1/4" Bore MM0101
Steel Motor Gear 15 Teeth 5/8th" Bore MM0102
Steel Motor Gear 32 Teeth 1" Bore MM0103


Key Steel


Key Steel


3/16th" Square Section x 12" approx long MM0169
5/16th" Square Section x 12" approx long MM0170


Gear Shafts


Idler Shaft Gear Shaft with Fixing Plate


Gear Shaft complete with Gear Fixing Plate to suit 18" Barrel MM0021
Cannings Idler shaft to suit 30" Barrel MM0022
Standard Gear Shaft (200mm long) to suit 30" Barrel MM0023


Oilite Bearings

Gear Shaft Oilite Bearing 1" Dia. MM0024
Gear Shaft Oilite Bearing 1.1/4" Dia. MM0025


Gear Shaft Spacers


Gear Shaft Spacers - thick and thin


10mm Poly gear shaft spacer to suit 1.1.4" shaft MM0026
5mm Poly gear shaft spacer to suit 1.1.4" shaft MM0027


Bearing Shaft Housing


Intermediate Bearing Shaft Housing


Intermediate bearing shaft housing (F.R.Thomas.) MM0028


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CHSAS 18001 Accredited Company


Member of the Black Country Chamber of Commerce


Member of the Federation of Small Businesses


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