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 MM Plating Supplies Online.


MM Plating Supplies

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Filters and Pumps


We supply all major manufacturers pumps and filters for all your solution types and through put needs. Advise can be sort on the most effective and efficient pumping and filtration units available in today's' market. We also provide complete manual and automatic systems including tanks, particle filters, cartridge filters and filter papers.


Our product Range Includes:



Dosing Pump


S seies filter pump 500 litres capacity M Series Filter Pump 10,000 Litre capacity
Dosing Pump S Series - Filter Pump M Series - Filter Pump


Air Less Eductor Agitation System


M Series Pump
Airless Agitators Horizontal Pump Magnetic Pump


S series pump up to 500 litres MM0320
M series pump from 500 to 10,000 litres MM0321



Mefiag Spares


First Components Filter Mefiag Spares



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Filter Cartridges

Cartridge 10"long x 1micron MM0309
Cartridge 10"long x 5micron MM0286
Cartridge 10"long x 10micron MM0287
Cartridge 10"long x 20micron MM0288
Cartridge 10"long x 50micron MM0289
Cartridge 10"long x 75micron MM0290
Cartridge 20"long x 1micron MM0291
Cartridge 20"long x 5micron MM0292
Cartridge 20"long x 10micron MM0293
Cartridge 20"long x 20micron MM0294
Cartridge 20"long x 50micron MM0295
Cartridge 20"long x 75micron MM0296
Cartridge 30"long x 1micron MM0297
Cartridge 30"long x 5micron MM0298
Cartridge 30"long x 10micron MM0299
Cartridge 30"long x 20micron MM0300
Cartridge 30"long x 50micron MM0301
Cartridge 30"long x 75micron MM0302
Cartridge 40"long x 1micron MM0303
Cartridge 40"long x 5micron MM0304
Cartridge 40"long x 10micron MM0305
Cartridge 40"long x 20micron MM0306
Cartridge 40"long x 50micron MM0307
Cartridge 40"long x 75micron MM0308
Carbon Granule Filled Cartridge - 10"long MM0087
Carbon Granule Filled Cartridge - 20"long MM0088


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Filter Papers

Filter Paper

C1 Carbon Pads MM0082
Filter Paper 203mm Dia. - 32 wsi MM0083
Filter Paper 195mm Dia. - 60 wsi MM0084


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ISO9001 Accredited Company


CHSAS 18001 Accredited Company


Member of the Black Country Chamber of Commerce


Member of the Federation of Small Businesses


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