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Please contact our technical sales for further details and prices.


We are able to source and install a full range of electrical rectifiers to suit your energy consumption whether pre used fully reconditioned or new plant.


Electronic Rectifiers

Electronic controlled rectifiers with regulation by thyristors. Designed for operation from 3 phase, 50 Hz, 400 V supply.

Outputs available 4,6,8,10,12,16,20,25 Volts with currents from 100 to 20000 amperes. Cooling natural or forced air with six phase rectification circuit.

Each set fitted with constant current and constant voltage control.

Optional extras include:

  • Digital meters

  • Ampere hour counters

  • Timers

  • Remote control

  • Smoothing





Single Phase units
Single phase units are also available with hand stepless control 8,10,12,16 and 20 volts and currents from 10 to 200 amperes.



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Resistance Boards & Knife Switches


Knife switches and resistant boards can be manufactured to replace outdated exiting plant, or for controlling new plant as required. Our electrical engineers are available to provide guidance for your supply needs.


Knife Switches and Resistance Board

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Control Panels


Built by our fully trained engineers control panels are manufactured from the highest quality components to your exacting needs.



Control Panels


Control Panels

Above shows a simple control system

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Programmable Control Systems

In the case of fully automated plants the transporters are controlled by a Programmable Logic Control (PLC) based system which ensures that each load of work pieces is processed to a fixed sequence, set process timings and required production. Various manufacturers of PLC are available if required to be compatible with units which may already be installed. Joysticks mounted on the transporters can provide full manual control as needed.



Programmable Control System

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