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 Dipping Baskets

Dipping Baskets are available in a wide variety of configurations, with perforations to suit your requirements. All of our baskets are made with reinforced bottoms in mild steel, stainless steel, perforated mesh or wire. Ideal for washing or cleaning all of your components whatever the size.


Dipping Baskets Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel Dipping Baskets


8" Dia. x 8"high x 1/8"perforations - Fixed Handle MM0058
10" Dia. x 10"high x 1/8" or 1/16" perforations -  Fixed handle ( Reinforced Base) MM0059
10" Dia. x 10"high x 1/8" or 1/16" perforations -  Bail handle MM0061
12" Dia. x 10"high x 1/8" perforations - Fixed Handle MM0060


Stainless Steel Woven Mesh (8 or 20 mesh)

Dipping Basket

9"Dia. x 7" high MM0062
10"Dia. x 10" high MM0063


Dipping Baskets Polypropylene


Polypropylene Dipping Basket


10"Dia. x 10"high x 1/8"perforations - with fixed handle MM0190
12"Dia. x 12"high x 1/8"perferations - with bail handle MM0064


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Anode Cages


High quality anode cages , manufactured from mild steel or titanium with varying hook lengths, to suit your special needs.


Anode Baskets


Mild Steel Cylindrical 12" Long 5" Hook MM0171
Mild Steel Cylindrical 18" Long  5" Hook MM0172
Mild Steel Cylindrical 24" Long  5" Hook MM0173
Mild Steel Cylindrical 30" Long  5" Hook MM0174
Mild Steel Cylindrical 36" Long  5" Hook MM0175
Mild Steel Cylindrical 48" Long  5" Hook MM0176
Titanium Rectangular 12" x 6" x 2" MM0177
Titanium Rectangular 18" x 8" x 2" MM0178


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Anode Bags / Filter Bags


Our extensive range of anode and filter bags are manufactured from polypropylene, terylene, nylon or cotton. They can be manufactured to a box style shape, i.e. with four sides and a bottom, or pillow case style, with laced up sides and top to suit.


Anode Bag

Our filter bags are usually polypropylene and have pore sizes of 1.5 and 25microns.


A cost effective and re-usable solution for your filtration needs.


The filter bags are made to order so please contact us with your size requirements.


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